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When does my coverage take effect?
When does my coverage take effect?
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Your protection begins at 12:01 a.m. Standard Time at the location of your property the day after your account is created and payment is current and activation is completed.

There is a waiting period of 30 days before any coverage under your membership plan begins (including protection against accidental damages, device malfunctions/failures, theft, or lost phones). In situations where ample photo/video evidence is available, and all photo verification steps have been completed for your item, this waiting period may be waived for cracked screen damages, but no other type of accidental damages, malfunctions, theft, or lost/unrecoverable phones.

Be sure to follow all instructions within your account for adding photos and information for your items.

Photos of phones should be uploaded using the phone's own cameras (front and rear) to provide pictures of the front (screen) and back sides of the device by taking the photos in front of a mirror. Follow all instructions and examples provided in the AKKO Mobile or Web App. For tablets, a photo of the tablet's "About" page in settings should also be provided by using another device (do not provide a screenshot) and the serial # of the device should be visible on the screen, as well as the entire front of the tablet being visible.

Photos of laptops and computers should be taken by including a photo of the device with the screen powered on and also displaying the "about" page showing the specs and serial # of the computer. The entire screen should be visible in this photo.

Photos of TVs should also be taken where the screen is powered on and displaying video/image. It is required to provide a photo of the serial # displayed on the TV's screen which can be accessed in the TV's settings.

For gaming consoles, be sure to include photos that show the device powered on with image/video visible on a display. It is required to provide a photo of the serial # of the gaming device displayed on its own screen, or an external TV/display. This can be found in the gaming device's settings. Do not just include photos of the gaming console itself if it has no screen, it must be plugged into a TV/display.

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