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What is the Deductible on an AKKO Plan?
What is the Deductible on an AKKO Plan?
Updated over a week ago

The deductibles for phones on our phone-only protection plans or our "Everything Protected" AKKO Plan ranges from $29 - $99 per claim based on the phone's model. $99 is also the max deductible even for Theft or total replacement claims! (less than half the cost of most other protection providers.) Click here to view the deductibles for repairs/replacements on your specific phone make/model.

If you have one of our "Everything Protected" AKKO Plans which protects 1 phone + 25 other items, all other items besides your phone are subject to a $99 deductible for any incident of Accidental Damage or Theft.

This amount that is "deducted" from any reimbursement payout you receive exists so that individuals are still motivated to be careful with their stuff.

But with all of AKKO's protection plans, we made sure to have the deductibles at least be set at easily affordable amounts for incidents of accidental damages, breakdowns, and theft, rather than the $150 - $400 deductibles seen on many other protections plans for phones, laptops, and other electronics and personal items.

Note: Deductibles for lost or unrecoverable phones are equal to the deductible for theft on the same phone model, but there is a limit of only 1 lost/unrecoverable phone claim covered per 12 months. Location tracking must be enabled in the AKKO Mobile App and set to "Always allow" on both iPhones and Android phones to be eligible for coverage for phones that are stolen, lost, or unrecoverable.

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