Business Plans
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What are AKKO Business Plans?

Business plans provide the same top-rated device protection bundled to meet everyone's unique needs. Starting at $3/month per device, any new or used device has the same protection from things like liquid damage, theft, loss and more. Each organization has access to quick electronics claims and local repairs. Plus, businesses pay as low as $29-$99 in deductibles.

Why Would I Sign-Up a Business?

Business plans are a great way to supplement your income with AKKO! For larger organizations, you can offer a customized protection plan designed to meet their needs. Here are a few reasons to get excited:

  • Repair partners have the opportunity to maximize their repair traffic. Each business you sign up will have their claims sent back to you!

  • Earn a portion of the plan's cost.

  • Increase your business' presence in your community!

  • Grow your business and support your local entrepreneurs!

How Does it Work?

  1. Reach out to a business of your choice and introduce yourself as a local device expert.

  2. Refer them to AKKO by emailing our business team.

  3. We'll handle the rest! AKKO's dedicated business protection team will provide a custom device protection bundle based on everyone's unique needs.

How do Claims work?

Businesses have access to fast and easy claims filing. Repairs are resolved within 48 hours and replacements receive an immediate electronic payout.
When a business signs up, an AKKO team member will reach out to coordinate with the business. The business will provide a CSV of their devices and serial numbers. AKKO provides a custom URL for the business to use whenever they need to submit a claim.

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