AKKO is offering a bonus to anyone who sells a plan through the end of February 2023! Each representative will start with a $10 bonus for each sign-up. An additional $50 will be paid to each rep that makes at least 10 sign-ups. Bonuses are paid on a per person basis rather than to the shop as a whole and will be sent to each representative on March 15th. For a sign-up to be eligible for a bonus compensation, the users must have activated their account and added and verified their phone.

Follow the instructions below to make sure everyone at your shop can take advantage of this promotional bonus compensation!

Don't forget to choose the person making the sale at checkout.

During the checkout process. You'll have the option to select a "Sales Representative" make sure to select yourself at checkout.

Make sure your team is up to date.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Team" tab found here.

Step 2: Click "Add new user" to add new team members. Make sure to delete old team members.

Step 3: Add new users and their contact information.

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