In order to provide theft protection with your plan, enabling location services set to “Always allow” on the AKKO mobile app is a requirement. If you’d prefer to not have location services enabled, that’s no problem! You’ll still have full protection against accidental damages and eligible mechanical breakdowns from your plan.

Utilizing location services as a requirement for theft protection is the same practice even Apple follows for their AppleCare+ plans (see here).

Our mobile app logs your location history and sends it privately and securely to a cloud-based database hosted by AWS (Amazon web services) the same leading cloud provider used by not only Amazon, but Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Sony, GE, and J&J along with thousands of other company services you likely use daily.

This location data is kept completely anonymous and private and if you have a claim to file for a stolen device, only a limited time window of your device’s location is viewable by one of our claims team supervisors for verification in order to validate and process your claim.

If you need to enable location services and set tracking to “Always allow” for the AKKO app on your device, you can follow the below guides to access the appropriate settings:

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