On an iPad:

  1. You can find it on the back of the device

  2. You can also find it by taking the following steps

    1. Go to “Settings”

    2. Go to “General”

    3. Go to “About”

    4. You will see it near the top of the page

On a Samsung Tablet:

  1. Go to “Settings”

  2. Scroll down and press “About Tablet”

  3. You will see it near the top of the page

On Microsoft Tablet:

  1. Select “Start”

  2. Click on “Settings”

  3. Click on “System”

  4. Click on “About”

  5. Find “Windows Specifications”, and look for your Serial Number

Other possible ways to find your serial number on a Microsoft Tablet:

  1. “About” > “Model & Hardware” > Serial Number

  2. Under the keyboard (if applicable)

  3. Flip out the kickstand (if applicable), look for numbers near its base

Once you find the serial number:

  1. Type the serial number into the "Add item" information form in your account.

  2. When you take a photo of the "About page"

    1. Take a clear photo showing the entire screen of your tablet with the about page showing

    2. Then take a photo of the back/bottom of your tablet

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