AKKO Digital Tracking Link Creation Instructions

Please see the below instructions on creating a unique tracking link that you can use across any customer communication, on your website, and social media platforms.

Please note that the Impact link is for tracking purposes only so the Impact account will show $0 per sale, however we will still pay you the correct amount through our normal partner portal.

  1. Click on this link here to sign-up on our Impact platform. This allows you to create a unique digital tracking link and for us to seamlessly track any sales made through that link

    1. For “Partner type” select Other

    2. For “Property type” select Website and put in your website. If you do not have a website, you can select Social Networks and put in your Facebook. You only need to put in one property type to be approved.

  2. After signing up, we will approve your account right away

  3. You can then create a tracking link by clicking on the "create" button (circled in red) in the top right of the homepage

    1. Please paste your co-branded landing page in the blank box which says “Enter a Landing Page (optional)” - (circled in green)

    2. Your unique tracking link will be the link starting with "akko.pxf.io/...." (circled in blue).

  4. Important: You have to use the “akko.pxf.io/…” link as the hyperlink the customer clicks on so sales are tracked.

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