Our AKKO Plan ( $15/month plan that protects 1 phone + 25 items) includes a mechanical/electrical components failure protection guarantee for all your portable electronic devices and TVs that lasts for 36 months from the date of purchase of each device.

Portable electronic devices and TVs you add to your AKKO account for this protection must have been purchased "new" by you either within the 120 days prior to your registration, or anytime after you registered your plan. You must upload your purchase receipt with each device you wish to have this protection to your AKKO account.

It's basically like having FREE 3-year warranties on all of your portable electronic devices and TVs!


For any of your portable electronic devices or TVs which already have an active warranty which covers mechanical/electrical component failures (either provided by the manufacturer of the device, a retailer/reseller, or third party) any claims pertaining to mechanical/electrical component failures would first go through your existing/included warranty.

After any existing warranty expires covering mechanical/electrical failures for your eligible devices, AKKO would take over for the remainder of the 36 month period starting from the date of purchase of the eligible portable electronic device or TV.

A portable electronic device is defined as any device which requires either an internal, or external battery to operate. In addition to portable electronics, this protection and these terms also apply to TVs. All claims are still subject to your plan's standard service fees/deductibles.

This special protection ends for your devices if you cancel your plan with AKKO and cannot be resumed even if you choose to then re-enroll with AKKO at a later point in time.

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