Since AKKO protects any device including used and refurbished items, each device you want to protect must be verified.

Each person with a device to protect will need to login to their own account to verify the device and activate their protection.

If you are the primary account holder that registered all plans and made payment, each other member of your group would have received an SMS with their own login password and a link to login.

Be sure each member of your group logs in from their own device, and using their own cell phone number and password. If they did not receive a password via SMS, they can click "Get a new password" on the login page and enter their cell phone number to receive a new one.

They can then follow the same process of completing the account activation form, then proceeding to the "items" tab and adding their device and following all instructions to provide photos and information.

Here is the guide for how to add an item to your account. You can share this link with any of the members of your group so they can easily follow along to complete their account setup.

Note About Billing: Only the primary account holder will be billed for all plans they registered. A 5% multi-plan discount is applied to all plans and the primary account holder is responsible for managing all billing. The primary account holder can see all the accounts they are paying for from their Account Settings page in their account under the "Billing" section. They are also authorized to reach out to our support to make any billing updates or to add/remove anyone's plan.

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