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Can I protect a custom built computer?
Can I protect a custom built computer?
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Just retain receipts for the components of your custom built computer. Then should it be effected by any damages, our team will be able to reference the parts to replace or figure out the total replacement cost.

Do note that no costs of labor for assembly will be factored in to your claim payout. If exact replacement parts cannot be found, then the closest possible replacement will be found to determine the replacement value. You will not be able to receive more cash than you paid for any component should any components need complete replacement.

Mechanical issues/failures or electrical breakdowns are not protected.

You must include photos of all components and parts of the build in order to clearly show they are all in fully working and undamaged condition when you register.

All photos and receipts may be added under one item on your account for "Desktop" computer. You may also choose to add particular components as their own items if they are peripherals/accessories.

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