NO. Unfortunately that’s not how protection plans work… 🙁

If you have any items that are currently broken (cracked phone screen, water damaged laptop, etc.) then you CAN NOT sign up and then file a claim to have those items fixed.

For an item to be eligible for protection, you must:

1) have an active plan with AKKO

2) have the item’s information uploaded to your account along with pictures of it in working and un-damaged condition. This means that you’ve taken photos of the item in accordance with all instructions within your account based on the item you are adding.

Then, if something happens to any of your items in the future, they’re protected!

If you do have an item that’s currently already damaged, it will need to be repaired fully to be eligible for protection under our plans. If you do have any items currently damaged, get them fixed and then be sure to sign up for either our Phone-only protection plan or our "Everything Protected" AKKO Plan now so that the next time some mishap happens, we’ll cover it!

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