If your items are too extensively damaged (or were stolen) and you require a replacement device or item, we offer a few flexible options to best suit your preference!

1) We can send you instant cash (via PayPal, Zelle, or Check) for a refurbished replacement of your device.
2) If no replacement value can be found for your item, we would send you the funds for the value of a newer model/available.
3) Instead of cash, we can send you a refurbished device listed in very good condition.
4) Instead of cash, we can send you a newer/different device model and you pay the difference for any upgraded model.

As a general note, we find the replacement value of the item by looking at the cost of refurbished items of the same make/model/year. Check out and to see the present value of your phone model or other devices.

For example, if your iPhone X was stolen or completely destroyed, we would find the value of a refurbished iPhone X and your payout would be the cost of the replacement, plus sales tax if applicable, then subtracting your plan’s deductible ($29-$99 based upon your plan and item). This is in reference to option "1)" above if you wanted instant cash.

We will not base the value of your item off of what used iPhone X phones are being sold for by random individuals on a site like OfferUp or Craigslist. You also will not receive a payout based on the value you initially paid for the phone when it was new, unless no replacement can be found.

The same process applies to claims for other electronics and personal items on your plan which are eligible for coverage.

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