For our best value "Everything Protected" AKKO Plans, which protect 1 phone per plan + 25 additional items on each plan, such as laptops, tablets, TVs, smartwatches, and more, you can do a family bundle here: REGISTER MULTIPLE AKKO PLANS

If you're looking to protect only phones, check out our Phone-only multi-plans here: REGISTER MULTIPLE PHONE-ONLY PLANS

Our AKKO Plan protects 1 phone + 25 items. Each plan is meant for 1 individual and will only cover items that the 1 individual owns/uses. Plans cannot be shared with friends/family members. If a family member (such as a parent) is the one who purchased an item that is on a kid's plan, that's OK!

If you're looking to protect multiple phones, you can register multiple AKKO Plans and mix/match between the Adult and Student rate plans. Perfect for families to be able to cover all their phones + all their other electronics and personal items!

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