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Do Plans cover Lost Items and Lost Phones?
Do Plans cover Lost Items and Lost Phones?
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If you lose one of your belongings, you'll need to evaluate the situation to determine whether it qualifies as theft or what’s called “mysterious disappearance” (i.e., you simply misplaced your belonging and have no idea where it went, or it is unrecoverable such as falling into a lake).

Use tools like Find My iPhone or Google's Find My Device to try and recover your phone; similar services exist to track down a missing laptop or tablet. Take screenshots or record evidence of your attempts to recover your phone to provide the most complete set of evidence you can with your claims.

To receive reimbursement for a stolen, lost, or unrecoverable item, you must have location tracking fully enabled in the AKKO Mobile App on your phone. Even if it is not the phone that is the item that is stolen, lost, or unrecoverable, we will use the tracking from your phone for the claim. You will be prompted to enable all settings when you initially setup your account and add your phone to your plan. Ensure location tracking is set to "Always allow" in your settings.

If you have an Android device:

Make sure Find My Device is also working and enabled. Go to your web browser, search for "Find My Device" and click the first result. Make sure you can see the device on a map displaying "last known location" along with the device name, make, and model.

If you have an iPhone:

The "Find My" app on iOS does not provide a history of your device's location, which can help provide proof of theft for your claim or help you try and recover it. Instead, download the Google Maps app and be sure it is set to allow location access at all times. You can verify that your Google Maps timeline is available by checking here:

"You will have to have location tracking fully enabled in the AKKO Mobile App if your phone or another item is stolen or lost and you wish to seek reimbursement for a replacement under your plan's reimbursement benefits."

The protection you get with one of AKKO's protection plans will cover theft of any item if indicated in your plan overview and inclusions, but it will only cover one (1) incident of “mysterious disappearance” of a phone per 12 month period and be subject to the same replacement/theft deductible for your phone model as indicated in your account or on AKKO's website under all other phone deductibles.

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